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Kel-Tec .32 NAA Guardian .25
Kel-Tec 3AT  with or without CT Laser NAA Gaurdian  .32
Ruger LCP NAA Guardian 380
Taurus TCP Rohrbaugh R9
Sig Sauer P238 Diamondback DB380
S&W BodyGuard 380  

The Pocket Pal 380 (TM)
Extended Grip Holster
Only $55 (US)

"Wears like a wallet...
Shoots like a gun."

Originally designed for the Kel-Tec 32 or the Kel-Tec .3AT this little work horse is also avialable for the Ruger LCP .380, Diamondback DB380, Kahr P380, NAA Guardian .25 , .32, 380,  Smith & Wesson BodyGuard 380 and the Rohrbaugh R9.

Sleek and efficient, the PocketPal 380 (TM) works in just about any pocket.  Perfect for the pocket of your favorite cargo pants or in the business card pocket inside your favorite suit jacket!  Our Lady shooters find the design of the Pocket Pal 380 (TM) especially attractive because they can fit their gun perfectly in the cosmetic pocket of their favorite purse.  

With ample space for your trigger finger and your support finger, the PocketPal 380's (TM) padded design keeps your gun stable and in your hand when it's time to shoot. 

When it's time to reload you won't  have to take the gun out of the PocketPal 380 (TM) holster. Simply drop your empty magazine, refit another magazine and you're back in business.    The only reason to take your gun out of the
PocketPal 380 (TM)  -- is to clean it!

Unlike envelope pocket holsters of lesser quality,  the 
Pocket Pal 380 (TM) is crafted from quality leather in the United States.  The positive pressure of the composite material inside the Pocket Pal 380 (TM) ,  keeps your gun in place while being carried in your pocket OR while taking care of business.   Our customers report that the quality of materials and the attention to design and workmanship offered by the Pocket Pal 380 (TM) make managing and shooting these smaller profiled guns a lot more pleasureable.  The PocketPal 380 (TM)  takes the bite out of the .380 kick and gives you better control of your firearm.  Ladies especially appreciate this! Pocket Pal 380
Specifically enginerred finger holes put your finger on the trigger and in a support position.    The PocketPal 380 (TM) works great for Right handed or Left handed shooters.   Currently the PocketPal 380 (TM)  is available in the color BLACK.

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