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The Cell Pal Holster

Cell Pal holster with cell case attachmentThe Genuine Cell Pal Holsert is a universal sized holster.  Hundreds of guns have been testested.   The Genuine Cell Pal Holster will fit these guns and more :

All J framed revolvers. 
Semi-Auto 380s', 9mms', 40 cals', 45 semi-autos', all Glocks', sub-compact XDs', and Sigs' regardless of barrell length. Smith & Wessson M&P, XDs

MT .380 Backup, Beretta .22, .25, .32 cal. Tomcat, Colt Mustang 380, TAURUS PT .22, .25, Kel Tec .32 & 380, Ruger LCP, NAA 380.All other .22, .25, .32 cal. semi-automatics.

Autauga Arms .32, North American Arms .32, Seecamp .32

Keep in mind, your tactical guns were not really designed to be carried concealed.  Tactical guns were ment for tactical sized holsters.  HOWEVER, understaning that your tactical style gun will fill up the holster due to it's width,  you may be very pleased with how it actually fits into the Genuine Cell Pal Holster.  

Lasers?  Maybe, depending on the gun.  Notice to gap between the stitching on this picture?  That is actually an opening for the longer barreled guns, like a 1911 or Berreta 92f .  If you have a laser on your gun it may or may not work depending on which laser system you are using.

We cannot possibly list every gun due the number of them and the new ones that come out everyday, so if you are unsure, drop us an email and we can let you know.

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