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Arizona Citizens Defense League

What the NRA is to the Nation,
 the AZCDL is to Arizona.

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Customer Service? Guaranteed!
Providing excellent Customer Serviceis very important to us. is in Arizona, USA. 
Due to time zone differences we ask you submitt your customer service questions to us by email at
We do our best to respond to ALL email within 2 business days. 

We are at gun shows most weekends and don't always have the opportunity to answer emails on Saturday and Sunday.  If you email us Friday, most likely you will get a reply on Monday.

 If the nature of your question requires a return phone call please include a call back phone number and what hours we can call at that number.  Be sure to include your Time Zone or State so we are sure to be on the same page as you.

Thanks for your interest and your business.

Keith Morrison

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Basic Pistol Instructor - NRA
In Home Personal Protection Instructor - NRA
Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor - NRA
Certified Persaonal Safety Academy Instructor -

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Snail Mail
3370 N. Hayden Rd. #123
PMB 603
Scottsdale, AZ  85251

Law Enforcement Specialist
Distributor and Law Enforcement Specialist

4364 Bonita Rd.
PMB 287
Bonita, Ca  91902

Cell #(619) 708-3890
 Office # (619) 267-9911

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