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Concealed Carry Holster

The Cell Pal is a modified cross draw holster which can be worn without a coat, jacket, untucked shirt or obvious fanny pack. There's no need to go buy extra clothing or having to wear extra clothing to hide the fact you're carrying concealed.  Concealed Comfort while standing or sitting, this holster offers a quick easy draw with a minimum amount of movement.

Cell Pal concealment holster with cell phone case accessoryHand made with fine quality leather, the  Concealed Comfort Cell Pal holster allows the user to conceal over a hundred different handguns... .45 to .25 dressed any way, without looking armed! Even in a pair of shorts with no shirt on at all, you won't be profiled as carrying a handgun!  Your Handgun is BELOW your bend point and behind your pocket. That means extreme concealed comfort and no tell tell signs that you have a gun.  Imagine not having to continually adjust your clothing to hide the grip of your gun.  In summer months when temperatures soar and humidity increases, you won't have to wear extra layers of clothing to hide your gun.  Never leave your gun behind again.

The Cell Pal  comes in tan or black leather,  and is designed for right or left-handed shooters.  It's the only concealed carry holster you will need.  The Cell Pal holster will accommodate a size range of hand guns from as large as a 45 Caliber 1911 and as small as a Kel-Tec 32 Caliber.  Yes even revolvers and all in the same holster.  Now you can change fire power without having to change holsters.

Just think.  Now you can spend the extra money buying the handgun you really want because you won't have to buy a new holster every time you buy a new gun to carry concealed. One holster for  many guns.

Stepping away from traditional holsters that fall short of total concealment, the patented Cell Pal holster pioneers the art of concealed carry.  That's why we call our company Concealed Comfort! 
Never leave your gun behind again.
You will love having the ability to carry a fully concealed handgun clipped below the waistband of your pants or shorts.  You won't have to scale down the caliber of your gun just because you're dressing up.
The unique design allows the holster to flex when you sit down and it conveniently rests on your thigh.  Amazingly, this holster is comfortable even when sitting. Because of the patented design of the Cell Pal, it is easily drawn with minimal telegraphing, even while sitting in your car, in a chair or even in a booth at your favorite restaurant.  Concealed Comfort means you never have to leave your gun behind again.

We suggest a cross draw carry, with the weak hand grasping the cell phone or pager and pulling up just far enough to expose the weapons handle then draw with the strong hand.

Check out the video page as the inventor Steve Weisner shows you how to get the most from your Cell Pal Holster

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